"What a lovely piece of ass, its too bad he’s called for. I wonder if I could balance a tea set on that ass. I wonder if he’d let me."


The poor thing had been so neglected for so long, dust covering its battered case and sitting behind some empty crates. Stanislav had nearly forgotten he knew how to play the damn thing; a skill required and upheld by his old medic. He could only wonder where the German was, but he simply brushed off the worry as he dragged the cello case out of the old storage room and into the recreational area. 

After having set up the old thing, tuning the instrument and giving a few careful plucks, he let the cello rest back against his chest. He ran the bow along the strings experimentally, grinning to himself at the smooth, rich sound. 

■ The girls, or just Scratches

"Vhat the fuck."

"Do gingers have souls? Does she? I should really ask."

"I think he’d like a picture of my bear dick."

"I vould fuck, but vould I enjoy."

"She looks like personification of burned down house."

"I wonder if he finds seafood attractive."

"Does she really love chocolate or is that an innuendo for black men?"

"She probably fucks deers."

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I am The Hunter! What Is Your Medieval Profession? ↗

"I'm just surprised that a bear bit you and that you are still standing. What are you made out of? Steel?"

"I am Russian. Ve can outlive anything."

"Vhat concern of ees set of yours, leetle urchin?"

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