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Stanislav Vikentieva

Virgo: September 20th

Self-proclaimed sociopath who is as revolting on the inside as he is on the out, Stanislav Vikentieva is the masochistic, iniquitous spy of BLU. The Russian’s disposition on life is seemingly negative when heard by normal persons, but in his eyes, the pain is his own pleasure. Prevaricator, enticer, and overall definition of a bad guy, he’s the last person you’d want in your personal space, regardless if he’s on your side. He is, however, loyal to his compatriots when they are the winners, because a man is not worth befriending if he isn’t number one!

Voice Claim!: It’s like Roger L. Jackson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TywZpy1U7Jg&feature=related